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Bodacious | Blonds & Silver Foxes - Floral or Fruity *Citrus

VGfree Purple  77-85g

Perfect for damage control | color treated processed hair

Can be used daily or one to three times a week when you notice your hair is looking brassy

  • Lustrous Shine and Promotes Hair Growth
  • Lighten and Tones
  • Bright & Bouncy
  • Damage Control

Argan Oil - Clarifies uneven tone
Coconut Oil - Antioxidants - Great for hydrating dry heat damaged hair
DL Panthenol *Pro Vitamin B5 - Protects and retains moisture in the hair
Bamboo Extract - Contains a lot of SILCA, which help to strengthen hair and smooth the cuticle to increase shine and reduce tangles
Rice Protein - Increases hair strenth and binds moisture
Why Purple Shampoo - Purple color comes from a temporary dye molecule that stays on the surface of the hair, helping to fight brassiness and maintain those cool, blonde tones

SLSA, SCI, Coco Betaine, BTMS-50, Sodium Lactate, DL Panthenol


Bodacious | Blonds & Silver Foxes

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