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P&S Whipped Sugar 'Lotion' Scrubs - Medium or Large

Purchase 10 Medium - 1 Medium FREE **SAVE** $25

Purchase 4 Large  - 1 Medium FREE **SAVE** $25

Whipped Sugar 'Lotion' Scrubs - Exfoliating * Moisturizing * Gentle Cleansing

 Great for Eczema & Sensitive skin

Whipped Sugar 'Lotion' Scrubs come with wooden scoop and dish *Use scoop to add in a smaller container provided to bring into the shower


Luxurious Moisturizing Ingredients:

Mango Butter - is effective in preventing inflammation and itching caused by dry skin, helps to soften the skin

  • high concentration of vitamin C - enriches skin with nutritional components that aid skin cell renewal

Coconut Oil - is rich in lauric acid, a LAURIC Acid that is also in breast milk.  

  • Lauric Acid is an ingredient in Natural Remedies for all kinds of health issues, including eczema - helps to Soothe the skin, Reduce irritation and itchiness and lower the risk of infection