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Soy Tealights Regular(6), (12) or *(18) | Large(1) or (4) | Melts/Bars & Jars

*Scent Choice: 2 Scents will be selected from the category that you have selected for the Regular size Soy Tealights(18)

    Regular Soy Tealights - 4-6hrs burn time

    Large Soy Tealights - 15-20hrs burn time

    Melts/Bars - Great for any warmer/burner

    **SAVE** $5 Trio Soy Candle Jars Set - 4oz 6oz 8oz

    SOY Candle Jars - Guarantee policy on all Jars - If you have a problem with your wick not burning properly - please bring into Soybean Essentials for a Replacement

    4oz - 40-50hrs burn time

    6oz - 60-70hrs burn time

    8oz - 80-90hrs burn time

    Soy Tealights | Melts/Bars & Jars

    • Soybean Essentials | SOY Candles Bath & Body

      Store Location St Albert - 35 Rayborn Crescent

      Store Location Edmonton - Bountiful Farmers' Market 3696 97 St NW


      The Natural beauty of Soybean Essentials Soy Tealights, Melts/Bars & Jars

      We generously combine our 100% liquid concentrate Phthalate Free high quality oils with 100% All Natural Soy wax

      • Clean Burning | Healthy Air Care for your home, work or office
      • Creates a Warm and Inviting atmosphere
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