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About Us

Family-Owned & Operated since 2010

Karen, along with her two sons Josef and Danny, have built a thriving business out of a simple idea: how does one create a way to fill your life with natural, healthy alternatives to the home and personal products available in the mass market?

Soybean Essentials started by creating a scented candle that burned clean, a light in the darkness. In 2010, Karen started experimenting at home, then she eventually started selling her candles at markets and gift shows. 

In 2013, Karen and her sons started selling their soy candles at the St. Albert Farmers' Market and other seasonal markets.  Every market day she built trust by listening to what her customers wanted and Soybean Essentials expanded to include over 300 different candle scents, as well as Bath & Body products like bath bombs, skin creams, shampoo & conditioning bars.

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From Market To

In 2019, Soybean Essentials hung up their sign at Bountiful Farmers' Market, becoming a staple vendor for customers.  September 2022, Soybean Essentials found a permanent home at 35 Rayborn Crescent, St Albert where Karen and her sons are able to produce volume production and customers can visit store front and see production 

Soybean Essentials has grown from that simple idea back in 2010 of how to fill your life with natural and healthy alternative to personal products on the mass market and has blossomed creating products for men, women, and children  from soy candles to Bath & Body, Shampoo & Conditioner Bars


Karen finds great joy in developing products that fill her customers needs.  From gift boxes and baskets perfect for all occasions and offering the option of customization, you can make your gifts as special as the loved one who receives it. 

Giving Back to The COMMUNITY

Karen and her sons have a vibrant passion for uplifting local and small businesses! They actively collaborate with sellers and vendors in the area, spreading the love for small enterprises far and wide. They even provide wholesale products to boutiques, vendors, and businesses throughout Alberta, helping these ventures thrive.

At Soybean Essentials, community lies at the heart of everything we do. That's why we've introduced an exciting fundraising program that empowers schools, non-profit organizations, clubs, and various groups to offer a one-of-a-kind product to potential buyers. What sets us apart is our commitment to customization. Participants can personalize Soybean Essentials' products to perfectly align with their unique fundraising campaigns.

But it doesn't stop there! By joining forces with us, participants not only create a buzz but also generate remarkable revenue to fuel their fundraising goals and aspirations. Karen and her sons deeply understand the power of collaboration, customization and support in making a positive impact on the community. 

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Tickety Boo


& Beverages

Plan your next Special Event
with Soybean Essentials
A Fun Summer Twist!

Birthdays, Weddings, Garden Parties, Get Togethers,

Sport Activities, etc..

Please inquire about our huge selection of Gifts & Kits for your events

*Gift packages, bath bomb party kits & more - We Customize!

Tickety Boo

ICE CREAM & Beverages

Icicle Tricycle will come in style to your event and hand out treats of your choice to your friends & family

Throwback to Childhood Memories

Visit our store location at 35 Rayborn Crescent, St. Albert

or find us around the area to get a

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