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natural | compact | convenient

eco friendly | gentle & earth friendly | chemical & toxin free | travel & gym friendly |

essential oils & 100% liquid concentrate fragrance | natural colorants

shampoo & conditioner bars

For Your Information

Eco Friendly - No plastic shampoo bottles(equivalent to 3 bottles of liquid shampoo)
PH Balanced - (4-7) between 4*acidic-7*neutral 
Gentle & Earth Friendly - PLANT based, botanicals, extracts, proteins, vitamins, biodegradable
Chemical & Toxin Free - Phthalate Free(no man-made chemical 'plasticizers'),
Sulfate-Free(help retain the natural oils on the scalp & hair)
Travel & Gym Friendly - No spillage *Compact & Convenient
Essentials Oils & 100% Liquid Concentrate Fragrance oils(skin safe)
Natural Colorants - Turmeric, Annatto Seed, Beet Root and many more,
we also use water soluble dyes(skin safe) and micas(a natural stone mineral)


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