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Menthol Steamer Shower 'Spa' Mini Bombs *Each Bomb Great for *1-3 Showers

Each Package has a MIX of Menthol Scents and small Dish - Feel Refreshed, Calm & Energized!

Helps to Ease Tension and Stress in the Mind & Body

Strong Menthol & Fragrance/Essential OIls | NOT Recommended for use as a Bath Bomb


The ultimate way to enhance your daily shower routine!

A Refreshing Selection: Package of 6 or 18 Menthol Shower 'Spa' Mini Bombs OR Shower 'Spa' Gift Set

N E W | Menthol Pomegranate Cider:  help stimulate mental energy and address feelings of fatique or irritability

N E W | Menthol Tea Tree:  help clear your sinuses and unblock your airways

Menthol Peppermint | Spearmint:  anxiety releif, headache, migraines, soothe your mind

Menthol Citrus Orange, Lemon or Grapefruit:  energize, raise your spirits

Menthol Eucalyptus:  cold, flu, ease comfort

Menthol Lavender:  sleep smoothly, anxiety relief

Menthol Cedarwood:  relaxation, calm the mind, stress relief

Menthol Rosemary:  headaches and stress relief

Excellent For 'Gift' Giving

Menthol Steamer Shower 'Spa' Mini Bombs

  • Soybean Essentials | SOY Candles Bath & Body

    Store Location St Albert - 35 Rayborn Crescent

    Store Location Edmonton - Bountiful Farmers' Market 3696 97 St NW

  • How to use:  Place one menthol mini shower 'spa' bomb on the shower floor or shelf (middle of shower to the back) away from direct water flow or hang in a mesh pouch on shower spout - sprinkle bomb with water - when the mini shower 'spa' bomb starts to dissolve, it releases its Invigorating Menthol mix scent tra